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TONGA is the last kingdom in Oceania.

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Haapai Islands are located a hundred kilometers north of the southern group, the least populated part of the kingdom, since the local nature is not particularly favorable for agriculture.

Sixty kilometers south of Tofua is the main volcanic wonder of the Tonga Islands.

The nature of Tonga is very peculiar. For us, residents of the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, everything here looks unusual. We know that on the opposite side of the earth the seasons are opposite to ours, but its not just to come to terms with the sun in the north at noon, and it seems quite unnatural that it moves across the sky in the direction that we have is called by the sun.

Since the country is stretched in the meridional direction for hundreds of kilometers, the climate of the north and south of it is somewhat different. In the north, annual temperature fluctuations are almost imperceptible, the seasons differ only in the amount of precipitation: the winter of the Southern Hemisphere (June-August) is rather dry, the summer is more humid. The same pattern is typical for the south of Tonga, although in general in the south the climate is drier. From May to October, there is 120-150 mm of precipitation per month here, from December to February 230-240 mm, the wettest March is 400 mm.

The average annual temperature on Tongatapu is +24.5 C, in February the average daily air temperature is up to +27 C, by the end of July it drops to +21 C, the temperature off the coast of Tongatap varies from +21 C in June to +29 C in November.

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The soils of young coral islands are infertile because they consist mainly of coral sand. Volcanic ash is a very good fertilizer. For millennia, it has repeatedly covered the volcanic islands, but also the oldest of the coral (Tongatapu and Vavau). Here the vegetation is more lush than on the island of Haapan. In general, however, both the plant and animal world of Tonga is very poor.

Flora of high islands is more diverse. On volcanic islands, dry leeward slopes are covered with shrubs, but the windward ones are thickly overgrown with lush vegetation. There are almost no flowers, but there are a lot of orchids and beautifully flowering shrubs. One of them, gibicus, is widely known here as a houseplant - a Chinese rose. Siapo is a close relative of mulberry, mulberry tree.

The fauna of the islands of Tonga is not very diverse. The largest species is a flying fox, whose wingspan is up to one meter.

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