» » Characteristic of Lviv as one of the main cities of the South-Western region of Ukraine.

Characteristic of Lviv as one of the main cities of the South-Western region of Ukraine.

10 2019,

The leading industry is machine-building, including the production of cars (Lviv Bus Plant), lifting and transport equipment (Lviv Production Association Avtopogruzchik, Lviv Production Association Conveyor, locomotive repair plant), electronic equipment (Lviv Production Association Electron Lviv Production Association Kinescope), instruments (Lvivpribor plant, Lviv Production Association Micropribor, scientific research the national association Thermopribor, the Biofizpribor plant), machine tools and tools (Lviv Milling Machine Works, Lviv Production Association Almazinstrument), electrical products (Lviv Production Association Iskra, insulator factory). The Lviv production association Lvovkhimselkhozmash and the Lviv production association Prikarpatmarmarmatura also work. Chemical and petrochemical (oil refineries and paintwork plants), medical (Lviv Production Association Rema, Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant) and light (Lviv Production Association Progress, Lviv production associations: Knitted - Promin, sewing - Spring, Mayak , Youth , cotton spinning, weaving and leather haberdashery factories) industry. Numerous enterprises of the food industry (Lviv production association of the confectionery industry Svitoch, Lviv production association of the brewing industry Kolos, tobacco, macaroni, wine-making, etc. Factories). Production of building materials, furniture, cardboard, musical instruments, porcelain and faience products.

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Lviv is an important cultural and scientific center of the country. It has 105 general education schools of all kinds (93.2 thousand students), 8 music choreographic and art schools, 29 vocational schools (17.9 thousand students), 10 universities (62.5 thousand students): Lviv University. Ivan Fedorov, Lviv Conservatory. N. V. Lysenko, polytechnic, veterinarian, forestry, medical and trade-economic institutes. The Western Scientific Center of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Ukrainian National Institute of the Printing Industry, the Ukrainian Research Institute of Metrology of Measuring and Control Systems, and the Lviv Astronomical Observatory work in Lviv. In Lviv, there are 378 libraries (the book fund is 15 million units of storage), including the Lvov Scientific Library. Stefanik. In Lviv there are 40 club institutions, 29 cinemas, 5 theaters, a regional philharmonic, a circus. There are 10 museums in operation, in particular, Lviv Historical Museum, Lviv Art Gallery. In Lviv, there are two publishing houses - Kamenyar, publishing association Vishcha Shkola at the University, the regional organization of the Writers' Union of Ukraine works.

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