» » Gorky Automobile plant in the years of Great Patriotic war.

Gorky Automobile plant in the years of Great Patriotic war.

19 2019,

On the radio there was a concert for the best workers of the plant. Already in the morning there were a lot of people on the bus' stops. Some of them were going to Striginski wood, the other - to the Oka's beach, the lovers of sports hurried to the stadium. Everywhere there were happy faces, music. Who could think, that in a few hours everything would be changed? Who could know, that it had already changed

An hour later it was a big meeting in front of the plant. We declare ourselves mobilized to defend our beloved Motherland and are ready to work and to struggle, , up to complete victory over the enemy!.

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And immediately there were the first applications requesting to direct people to the front. On the same day after the meetings many workers went to their work places. On the 22 of june the master of tools and stamps Shabanov together with a grinder Dorogavtsev and a fitter Rykalin and others performed a huge work, without going out of the workshop for 21 hours. In usual conditions four days were required for this work. On the same day the planeman of the workshop of hot stamps N. N. Tulumbasov completed three rates. V. D. Pastuhov surpassed the rate in 4 times and after the shift till the night he worked at the another task. There were tens and hundreds of similar examples of labor heroism.

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