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The Political System Of England

22 2019,

The most interesting and important aspect of the British political system, its pecularity, lies in its division of powers.

It is common knowledge that Great Britain, having the oldest Parliament in the world, has one of the most stable and effective political regimes of our time. Its stability is mostly the result of the division of powers, which, by the the way, is not the exeption from the general rule.

The main idea of this variant lies in the following: the principle of the demarcation (division) is combined with a principle of interaction. And its principle is fixed in the British system of power not as something abstract, but institutionally

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So, as we see, the legislators provide the execution of the laws and resolutions of the Parliament by controlling the State machinery, and in its turn, the state machinery participates in the legislative process, providing its preparatory stage (by doing a spade-work).sovereignty of the Parliament, as the highest body of political management;the leading role of the Cabinet and the government in the legislative process;a strict Parliamentary and commitee control of the legislative branch;a special role given to the State Machinery, which not only executes the instructions, but also influences a political process.

:The Political System Of England

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