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Banking Marketing

31 2017,


1. Introduction.

1.2. Concept and objectives of banking marketing.

1.3. Target markets and segmentation.

2.1. The concept of a target market.

2.2. Method of market segmentation.

2.3 Analysis of personal clients.

2.4. Marketing of financial services among business firms. Marketing policy: planning and ways of pro-banking products.

3.1. Advertising as an important part of the marketing program.

3.2. Advertising of the Institute.

3.3. Advertising of a complex of bank services.

3.4. Advertising of the product.

3.5. Ways of holding a marketing company.

3.6. The role of bank branches in marketing programs.




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Realization of goods and services is the most important stage of activity of any enterprise operating in the market. Banking as a type of entrepreneurial activity is no exception. The goal of the policy of the bank's management and the work of all its services is to attract the clientele, expand the service sector, conquer the market and, ultimately, increase the profit. Hence the importance of the marketing work of the bank, the content and objectives of which change significantly under the influence of sharply increasing competition in financial markets and the changing relationships between banks and customers. "Any bank manager will tell you," writes M.Dounney, "that one of his main roles is to be an expert in marketing. Competition in the financial market has grown so much that in order to survive, banks must learn how to sell a full range of banking products. The goal is to create a kind of banking department store with customer service from one counter ... As for marketing, the most important for the bank is the development of new products with good design and convenient delivery to the consumer. The use of marketing strategy and sales techniques becomes an integral part of the bank's organizational structure. Banks at the same time refuse to force the imposition of services and focus on the maximum satisfaction of customers' needs both on the basis of their policies. "

Marketing is not; only the act of selling the product. This is the strategy and philosophy of the bank, which requires careful preliminary preparation, thought-out and analysis, active work of many divisions of the bank, beginning with top managers and ending with the lower levels. The marketing strategy assumes the bank's priority orientation not on its product as such, but on the real needs of the clientele. Therefore, marketing involves a thorough study of the market, an analysis of the changing inclinations, tastes and preferences of consumers of banking services. A bank employee becomes a seller of financial products and this is the most significant shift in comparison with the situation 20-30 years ago. In the process of communicating with the client, it is necessary to determine what are the specific forms of financial services that he needs, and to explain the necessity and profitability of their purchase.

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