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Artery upper extremity. ROOM ARTERIA.

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The first part of the axillary artery lies on the upper

them serrated t. serratus anterior, being covered with special

redi fascia clavipectoralis. Anterior and medial arteries

the subclavian vein, h. subclavia, anteriorly and

outside - brachial plexus trunks, plexus brachialis.

From this part of the axillary artery depart next


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2) The anterior artery surrounding the humerus,

but. circumflexa humeri anterior, starts from the outside

sides of axillary artery, goes laterally under

klyuvlechevoy muscle, and then under the short head

biceps shoulder muscle on the front surface of the shoulder

bones; the artery reaches the area of ??the inter-hill groove,

where is divided into two branches: one of them is ascending

direction, accompanying long head tendon

biceps of the shoulder and, joining the shoulder joint,

goes to the head of the humerus; the other goes around

the outer edge of the humerus and anastomoses with a. cir-

cumflexa humeri posterior.

3) The posterior artery surrounding the humerus,

but. circumlfexa humeri posterior, moving away from the back

axillary artery near a. circumflexa hu-

meri anterior. She heads back, goes through

four-sided hole, bends around the back and outer

the surface of the surgical neck of the humerus,

located along with the axillary nerve, n. axilla-

ris, on the deep surface of the deltoid muscle. BUT.

circumflexa humeri posterior anastomoses with a. circum-

flexa humeri anterior, with a. circumflexa scapulae, a. thoraco-

dorsalis and a. suprascapularis. It supplies blood to the joint.

shoulder bag, deltoid muscle and

skin of this area.

the initial part of the deep artery of the shoulder, falls under

klyuvlechevoy muscle and biceps muscle of the shoulder, gives

they branches and on the front surface of the humerus to-

stirs the deltoid muscle.

b) The nourishing artery of the humerus, and. nutricia

humeri, heading to the shoulder opening


c) Middle circumferential artery, a. collateralis media,

blows down between the lateral and medial heads

triceps shoulder. Then she enters the strata

the lateral head and, reaching the elbow joint,

lays down in sulcus cubitalis posterior lateralis, where it takes

participation in the formation of the network of the elbow joint, rete

articulare cubiti.

d) Muscle branches to the beak-shoulder muscle and to the three

head muscle of the shoulder.

Upper ulnar circumferential artery, a. collatera-
lis ulnaris superior, starts a few

below the deep artery of the shoulder from the medial surface

brachial artery, and sometimes a common trunk with it. Direction

Going down, the artery approaches the ulnar nerve, n. ulna-

ris, accompanies him to the medial condyle and in sulcus

cubitalis posterior medialis takes part in

NI of the elbow joint network, rete articulare cubiti; blood

provides the shoulder muscle, the medial head of the trigly-

howling the muscles of the shoulder and the skin of this area; anastomoses

medial condyle with posterior branch of recurrent elbow

howling artery, r. posterior a. recurrentis ulnaris.

Lower ulnar circumferential artery, a. collatera-
lis ulnaris inferior, starts at the bottom

third of the shoulder from the medial surface of the brachial artery,

just above the medial condyle. Heading down

along the anterior surface of the shoulder muscle, it is anastomotic

ziruet with the anterior branch of the recurrent ulnar artery,

anterior and recurrentis ulnaris. With her breeze she
reaches the region of the medial condyle, pierces sep-

tum intermusculare mediale and takes part in

elbow network, rete articulare cubiti

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