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Theories are systems constructed in a speculative way, connecting facts through causal relationships. Theories of crime relate to the causes and consequences of criminal behavior, subject to changes in place and time, under the influence of well-known value ideas. In turn, the theory of crime seriously affect the value orientations of society and public opinion about the causes of crime, and sometimes even change them.

Various theories are the basis of any research, they define their goals, subject, methods, give their own concepts of the main elements of the subject, etc. New research has already developed a theory that can be both confirmed, refuted, and questioned, i.e. a new hypothesis may be advanced ... Thus, the process of knowledge continues.

But any theory must necessarily be supported by practice, i.e. statistics, results of testing theoretical recommendations in practice, etc. Here, of course, there is a feedback as well. Any practice without theory cannot exist.

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Until now, no sufficiently complete and comprehensive theory of criminal behavior has been created. First of all, due to the fact that, firstly, today there is still no theory of human behavior as a whole, and secondly, there is no methodology, that is, we do not know exactly how to do it.

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