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Criminological forecasting and planning to combat crime

10 2019,

You should know that the solution of tasks of the first level is beyond your competence, because is part of social practice in general. But we should not forget that your work is part of social practice, due to the fact that the Federal Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation is a structural unit of the general security system of the state and performs one of the functions of the state - guarding the state border of the Russian Federation.

Solving tasks of the second and third level is one of your main functional duties (both as civil servants performing special functions and as officers - commanders working with subordinates).

That is, you are subject to crime prevention in the following groups:

- subjects of direct crime prevention (families, groups, etc.);

- Subjects engaged in prevention when performing law enforcement functions;

- Subjects engaged in the prevention of crimes in the performance of the control function;

- and, the subjects implementing the prevention of crime.

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I would also like to remind you that a crime prevention scheme can be put into the following scheme:

warning = criminological characteristics + development and implementation of preventive measures.

In turn, the criminological characteristic is a combination of three groups of features:

Subjective (criminologically significant signs of a crime) - personality characteristics of the offender, the motive and purpose of the crime and personality characteristics of the victim.
Objective (data disclosing criminological situation) - crime statistics; information about social conditions / situation / crime / socio-political, socio-economic; time, geography; social environment, etc.
complex (signs defining the specifics of crime prevention activities) - causes of crimes, consequences of crimes, crime mechanism and circumstances conducive to crimes.

And the last thing I wanted to remind you, these are criminological methods that you will need to use:

- statistical method;

- a questionnaire method (a disadvantage and at the same time an advantage - a subjective assessment of the respondents; the questionnaires should be correctly prepared; it is best to conduct a closed questionnaire);

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