» » Criminological characteristics and prevention of crimes related to ATS

Criminological characteristics and prevention of crimes related to ATS

10 2019,

When you open any textbook of national criminology, you immediately notice that a special part of criminology is mainly intended for the above-mentioned specialists. In the textbook, edited by Kuznetsova and Minkovsky, according to which you study, the issues of juvenile and youth crime, violent crimes and hooliganism, economic and reckless crimes are given more than half the attention. Due to the fact that our special course is designed to train lawyers who will serve in the frontier troops, we cannot afford to dwell on each of them individually. Not to consider them at all, we also can not. The practice of the activities of the Prosecutors Office of the Russian Federations Prosecutors Office has already shown that its employees faced such problems as economic crimes, injuries, murders, etc.

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