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Russian village in the image of V. P. Astafyev.

10 2019,

After the sixth grade of secondary school, Astafyev entered the FZO railway school, after graduating from which he worked for some time as a train maker.

In the fall of 1942, Astafiev volunteered for the front. Seventeen-year-old worker Viktor Astafyev hit the front line, at the very heart of the war. Military rank - private. And so on until victory: a chauffeur, an artillery scout, a signalman. He is wounded twice, contused. In a word, in war as in war.

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After the war, many professions were replaced by the future writer, tossing about, as he said, for different jobs (he was both a mechanic, and a laborer, a loader, and a carpenter at the carriage depot, and a washer of meat carcasses at the sausage factory), until in 1951 in the newspaper. Chusovskaya Worker his first story was not published, and he became a newspaper literary collaborator.

From here begins his own creative biography.

Astafyev finishes the Higher Literary Courses, and in the mid-fifties, the well-known critic Alexander Makarov already spoke about recognizing Astafyev as a writer and very precisely outlined the main creative aspirations of the then young artist: thinking about our life, about the name of a person on earth and in society and his moral principles, the Russian national character ... by nature he is a moralist and a poet of humanity.

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