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The novel Gargantua and Pantagruel

10 2019,

The author shows quite ordinary situations in this novel, and in accordance with these situations the style of the work has been chosen. The novel opens our eyes to the fact that moral and moral prohibitions are very fragile.

Critics are unhappy with this work, but they tear it away from the time in which it was written, then everything was different, and we have no right to judge the author for his work.

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Interestingly, the prohibitions that critics try to impose on a person constrain his moral freedom, which destroys the human essence. The desire to learn forbidden topics is not immoral, for everyone it is laid within the nature itself. And besides, if it is expressed in simple folk language, you can only welcome the beginnings of the author.

In general, morality is a relative thing. What is highly moral? What is immoral? People answer these questions according to their beliefs. But everyone has the right to his point of view, and no one can impose someone else on him.

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