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We are from commercial peasants, - Shmelev spoke about himself, - the indigenous Muscovites of the old faith ". And the peculiarities of faith, life, perception of the world around have left an indelible mark on Ivan Shmelev. The familys life is distinguished by a kind of Old Believer democracy. the ceremonies and moral precepts of the olden times, went on a pilgrimage, lived not just near, but together.And this lack of duality, unity of spiritual principles and a real lifestyle had a grateful influence on the formation of moral go world boy.

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Literate, as it was not only in merchants, but also in noble families, Ivan Shmelev studied at home. His first teacher was his mother. Together with her he passed Krylov, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Gogol, Turgenev. In the sixth Moscow Gymnasium, where he entered in 1884, the circle of his reading expanded - Tolstoy, Uspensky, Leskov, Korolenko, Melnikov-Pechersky became favorite writers. However, Pushkin was always the "symbol of faith" for Shmelev. In order to make sure of this, it is enough to read his articles: "The True Ideal", "The Secret of Pushkin", "The Covenant Meeting".

But the main teacher Shmelev was life. Remembering the first experiments of creativity, he writes much later: "... and suddenly among the training for the certificate of maturity, among the exercises with Homer, Sophocles, Caesar ... I saw my pool, the mill, dug up, the grandfather. Living - they came and they took ... "This is about the story" At the Mill ", published in 1895 in the magazine" Russian Review ", which became Shmelev's literary debut.

In the autumn of 1895, another important event in the life of the writer took place: he married Olga Alexandrovna Okhterloni. At the request of the young wife, they go on a somewhat unusual honeymoon trip - to the island of Valaam, where the famous monastery and many monasteries are located. From there, the future writer brings his first book - "On the rocks of Balaam. Beyond the edge of the world. Travel essays." Her fate was unsuccessful: the procurator of the Most Holy Synod of Pobedonostsev saw sedition in it, the book was published in a very curtailed form and was not successful. This, in essence, dares Shmelev from literature for 10 years. Failure makes him seriously think about the means of existence and the device of his future life. Then Ivan Sergeyevich and entered the Moscow University at the Faculty of Law. This radically changes his environment. The university of that time was the hearth in which the cadres of the Russian intelligentsia were really forged, and the bourgeoisie, the children of the clergy, the merchants' sons, and the nobility served as the material.

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