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By decrees of March 2 and 5, 1711, the position of fiscal offices was established under central and local authorities. Their head, Ober Fiscal was a member of the Senate. Their main duty was to "secretly examine, report and denounce" all violations of the law. But, taking advantage of very broad powers, many fiscals were not averse to profit at the expense of the places in which they consisted. In addition, the highest state body, the Governing Senate, was left without control and supervision.

The emperor understood that it was necessary to create a new institution standing above the Senate and above other institutions. The prosecutor's office, the decree of which took place on January 12, 1722, became such a body. On April 27 of the same year, Peter issued a decree on the position of prosecutor general and all prosecutors, which spoke of their powers, rights and duties.

And the prosecutor's office did not disappoint Petrov expectations. Under him, the supervisory authorities and prosecutors regularly performed their functions. However, under his successors, the prosecutors office fell into disrepair. Under Catherine I, the Secret Council decided everything, and Anna Ioannovna depended on Biron. Only Elizabeth decided to continue the affairs of his father. Even before her, in 1840, N. Trubetskoy was appointed procurator-general, who was in this position for 19 years and survived 8 reigns. A school of junkers was established under him, where future lawyers and prosecutors studied.

Under Catherine II, the prosecutor general was the famous A.A. Vyazemsky. At this time, he already becomes over the Senate, conducts internal affairs, leads secret expeditions, receives greater powers. But on-site prosecutors were independent of the governors.

In 1802, M.M. Speransky and Alexander I establish 8 ministries. And the Minister of Justice was at the same time the prosecutor general.

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Yaguzhinsky was born in 1683 in the family of a poor Lithuanian organist. Around 1686, he, along with his young sons, Pavel and Ivan, in search of a better life, moved to Moscow.

The liveliness of character, ingenuity and beauty attracted the attention of Field Marshal Count Fyodor Golovin to Paul, who took him into his service. At a time when Peter was looking for helpers for himself, under the best of circumstances, any capable commoner could rise to the highest levels of the state hierarchy. In 1701, Yaguzhinsky first met Peter I, and the king enlisted him in the Guard, in the Transfiguration Regiment. When he was made an officer, the king "granted" Yaguzhinsky his batman. From this time begins the rapid and brilliant career Yaguzhinsky, who became one of Peter's favorites.

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